The Best Choice for International Kindergarten in Bangkok

Bangkok is well known for its bustling streets and colorful nightlife however among the treasure troves this city has to offer lies an international kindergarten that is focused on stimulating young minds in a healthy and sustainable structure based on play and green outdoor spaces.

Little Treehouse Nursery boasts an innovative EYFS curriculum that helps develop young minds and prepare them from school. This international kindergarten puts the British Early Years Foundation Stages (EYFS) Curriculum at the core of their pedagogy supported by the Reggio Emilia learning approach or also known as the “Montessori Methodology”.

The unique combination of this curriculum coupled with the stimulating classrooms and the spacious outdoor greenery makes it one of the best international kindergarten in the city. 


Where Learning is Fun 

Teaching toddlers through a play-based methodology encourages them to be creative and interact more with fellow classmates. Their attention can be captured with games and creative activities centered on developing their learning skills. 

Little Treehouse captures these in two stages

Prime Stage – During the early years of a toddler, we help them develop their motor skills as well as introduce personal, social and emotional development. This is also the best stage to encourage communication and language skills.

Specific Skills Stage – This is when we introduce literacy, mathematics and expressive arts and design. This introduces them to the world of learning for higher education in an encouraging and supportive process. 


You Know Your Child is Safe

Safety is paramount to us and our international kindergarten is equipped with CCTVs as well as guards on duty to ensure that the perimeter is safe throughout the day. Our staff is also trained to provide first aid training. Our location is also close by Samitivej Hospital – Sukhumvit Soi 49.

We also ensure that we provide a hygienic and healthy environment for the kids. We have hadn washing stations and cleaning staffs who maintains the neatness of these facilities on an hourly basis. Our international kindergarten also ensures that the classrooms, toys and furnitures are cleaned and disinfected on a daily basis. Our greenery also is subject to monthly inspections and maintenance to ensure that no pests are present. 

All the classrooms of this international kindergarten is fitted with air purifiers and we also have an Air Quality Reader as a guide for playing outdoors. Although our gardens are fitted with outdoor air purifiers, we have a strict policy not to stay outside when the AQI score is over 150.


We Care About the Future

Our International Kindergarten promotes sustainaibilty through learning, examples and practice. We introduce eco-concious practicies to children such as learning about the environment, utilizing recyclable items, saving water and electricity when not used as well as participating in activities and fieldtrips that educates on how to take care of plants and nature. 

We also service a plant-based menu and practice zero single-use plastic rule. We maximize natural resources as much as possible in our activities like the use of natural light, utilization of eco-friendly products such as wood and encourage recycling. 

Little Treehouse Nursery embodies an eco-conscious, curriculum oriented, safe and sustainable international kindergarten that provides a leaning environment for your children to maximize their learning potential through fun and develop their emotional and social intelligence.

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