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How Circle Time Nurture Social-Emotional and Academic Success 

In the vibrant world of Little Treehouse Nursery, each day begins with a special gathering – the Circle Time. This carefully crafted ritual brings together our young learners and their teachers, fostering a sense of community, connection, and shared purpose.  ...

by @LittleTreehouseBangkok on November 21, 2023

Responsive Classroom: Nurturing a Welcoming and Engaging Learning Environment

At Little Treehouse Nursery, we believe that fostering a supportive and engaging learning environment is paramount to nurturing the social, emotional, and academic growth of our young learners. Inspired by the redundant approach, our teachers strive to create a classroom ...

by @LittleTreehouseBangkok on November 21, 2023

Nurturing Fine Motor Skills Through Playful Activities

Fine motor skills, the ability to control the small muscles in our hands and fingers, are essential for a child's development. They enable them to perform everyday tasks like grasping objects, feeding themselves, and writing. Here are some fun and ...

by @LittleTreehouseBangkok on November 16, 2023

Nurturing Early Literacy Skills Through Everyday Play

Early literacy, encompassing pre-reading and pre-writing skills, plays a crucial role in a child's overall development. Contrary to popular belief, early literacy development doesn't necessitate formal instruction. Instead, it unfolds naturally through everyday experiences and play during the early years ...

by @LittleTreehouseBangkok on November 16, 2023

The Power of Questioning 

Why asking good questions is essential for learning In a world filled with information, it's easy to assume that learning is all about acquiring facts and figures. However, true learning goes beyond simply memorizing information. It's about understanding, analyzing, and ...

by @LittleTreehouseBangkok on November 16, 2023

The Environment as a Third Teacher: Nurturing Curiosity, Creativity, and Belonging

In the realm of early childhood education, the Reggio Emilia approach stands as a beacon of innovation and holistic learning. One of its core principles is the concept of the environment as a "third teacher," alongside adults and other children. ...

by @LittleTreehouseBangkok on November 16, 2023

Spooky Fun for Kids on Halloween Day 

Halloween day is just around the corner, and the excitement is building up for kids of all ages. It's that time of year when the air gets crisp, the leaves turn orange, and costumes come out to play. Halloween day ...

by @LittleTreehouseBangkok on October 25, 2023

Choosing the Right Preschool Teaching Approach: A Path to Holistic Child Development

In today's fast-paced world, selecting the right preschool teaching approach for your child can be a crucial decision. Parents in Singapore seeking the best educational opportunities for their young ones often find themselves torn between various methods. Here are the ...

by @LittleTreehouseBangkok on October 12, 2023

The Significance of Sensory Play in an International Kindergarten in Thailand

The Significance of Sensory Play in an International Kindergarten in Thailand Exploring the World  Young children utilize all their senses to understand the world.  Sensory play includes sight, sound, smell, taste, touch, movement, spatial awareness, and balance.  These activities lay ...

by @LittleTreehouseBangkok on October 12, 2023

Supporting Your Child’s Learning at an International School in Bangkok

The Role of Little Treehouse Nursery in Nurturing Young Minds As parents, we all want the best for our children, especially when it comes to their education. The foundation laid during the early years can have a profound impact on ...

by @LittleTreehouseBangkok on October 12, 2023
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