The International Preschool: Exploring Little Treehouse Nursery in Bangkok

Bangkok’s vibrant streets and dazzling nightlife hold hidden gems for families seeking nurturing early education. Among them, Little Treehouse Nursery shines as an international preschool dedicated to fostering young minds in a playful, green environment.

Innovative Play-Based Learning:

This amazing international preschool champions the British Early Years Foundation Stages (EYFS) curriculum, enriched by the Reggio Emilia and Montessori approaches. This unique tapestry fosters creativity, independence, and exploration through stimulating classrooms and sprawling outdoor spaces.

Where Learning Becomes an Adventure:

The play-based methodology empowers toddlers to become active learners. Engaging games and activities nurture motor skills, communication, and social-emotional development.

Prime Stage: This early phase focuses on personal, social, and emotional development, alongside motor skills and language acquisition.

Specific Skills Stage: Here, children are introduced to literacy, mathematics, and expressive arts, preparing them for future academic journeys.

A Nurturing Haven:

Safety is paramount at our international preschool. CCTV cameras, security guards, and proximity to Samitivej Hospital ensure peace of mind. Moreover, trained staff and hygienic protocols prioritize children’s well-being.

Cleanliness and Safety:

  • Regular handwashing stations and frequent cleaning by dedicated staff.
  • Daily disinfection of classrooms, toys, and furniture.
  • Monthly pest control inspections ensure a safe environment.

Air Quality Concerns Addressed:

  • All classrooms boast air purifiers.
  • An air quality reader guides outdoor play decisions.
  • Strict policy to avoid outdoor activities when AQI exceeds 150.

Cultivating Eco-Conscious Citizens:

As a nature-friendly international preschool we prioritize sustainability through:

  • Learning about the environment and eco-friendly practices.
  • Utilizing recyclable materials and minimizing waste.
  • Conserving water and electricity.
  • Engaging in field trips and activities that promote environmental awareness.

Plant-Based Menu and Zero Single-Use Plastic:

This international preschool fosters a healthy lifestyle and environmental responsibility with a plant-based menu and a zero single-use plastic policy.

Natural Light and Eco-Friendly Materials:

Activities maximize natural light, and the nursery utilizes eco-friendly products like wood, encouraging recycling.

Little Treehouse Nursery: An international preschool dedicated to nurturing young minds, fostering eco-consciousness, and cultivating responsible global citizens. Schedule a visit and experience the magic for yourself!

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