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Engaging Ways to Familiarize Your Child with Science and Math Concepts

by @LittleTreehouseBangkok on January 10, 2024

At Little Treehouse Nursery, we believe that the foundation of every child’s learning journey begins with curiosity and interest. As an international kindergarten in Bangkok, we strive to foster this curiosity and make learning an enjoyable experience for our students. In this blog post, we will share some exciting ways to introduce your child to science and math concepts in a fun and engaging way.

Sparking Curiosity

Science and math are integral parts of our everyday lives. They are in the air we breathe, the food we eat, the technology we use, and even the changing seasons we experience. By being observant and pointing out these instances, you can introduce your child to the fascinating world of science and math.

For example, you can talk about the changing colors of leaves in autumn, the formation of a rainbow after a rainy day, or how their favorite toy car moves faster on a smooth surface compared to a rough one. These are all instances of science and math in action. By asking thought-provoking questions like “Why do you think the leaves change color?” or “Why does the car move faster on a smooth surface?”, you can spark your child’s curiosity and encourage them to think critically.

Making Learning Fun

At Little Treehouse Nursery, we believe that learning should be an enjoyable experience. That’s why we incorporate fun games and activities into our curriculum. These games are designed to make learning science and math concepts more interactive and enjoyable.

For instance, we use puzzles to teach problem-solving, sorting games to teach classification, and pattern recognition games to teach mathematical concepts. These games not only help children understand the concepts better but also improve their problem-solving and critical thinking skills. By making learning fun, we aim to foster a love for science and math that will stay with them for a lifetime.

Utilizing Resources

In today’s digital age, there are numerous resources available that can make learning science and math fun for children. Educational toys, science kits, and math puzzles are just a few examples.

Educational toys like building blocks can help children understand basic engineering concepts. Science kits can provide hands-on experience with scientific experiments. Math puzzles can help improve problem-solving skills and introduce mathematical concepts in a fun way.

By utilizing these resources, you can introduce science and math concepts to your child in an engaging and interactive way. Remember, the goal is not just to teach, but to inspire a lifelong love for learning.


At Little Treehouse Nursery, we provide student care that goes beyond the traditional methods of teaching. We believe in creating a green school environment where children can explore, learn, and grow. By introducing science and math concepts in a fun and engaging way, we aim to instill a lifelong love for learning in our students.

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